TAG 3.2 – Tyler, Tx – June 3, 2017

The True Athlete Games 3.2 will be held on June 3rd, 2017, at Athletic Performance Texas. This True Athlete Games is the one of many qualifier events leading up to the 2017 True Athlete Games Championships in November. REGISTER HERE

We’re excited about this year’s events, we have some new changes since last year.

Weigh-ins will take place the day of the event. (Please arrive EARLY) to give us enough time for data entry.
You will have 60mins to complete the first 9 tests. Afterwards, everyone will go through the 10th test.
Events MAY change from qualifying event to event. Event SCORE will determine who gets invited to the Championships Finals at the end of the year.

Here’s the list of events: (videos on website)

Deadlift (Strength)
400m Row (Speed endurance)
Forward Med Ball Throw, 2-Step approach (Upperbody power)
Standing Triple Jump (Lowerbody Power)
Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5) (Agility)
Sandbell Ground to Over Shoulder (Strength Endurance) *75lbs women/125lbs men
Pull-ups (Upperbody Strength)
Jump Rope/Push-up Medley (Stamina) *5min Time Cap
Sled Push Medley (Stamina) *2min Time Cap
Steelbell Suicide (Stamina)

Let this first event of the year serve as a benchmark to show you where you are and what you need to improve for 2017! Our mission is to provide you with a quality fun event that’ll serve as an awesome goal setting tool to fuel your PROGRESS in 2017.