Athlete of the Month

Athletes of the Month: January 2017

At Austin Simply Fit we get excited about working with people who seek positive change. Many people come to us with injuries and a desire to get stronger, and others want to lose weight. No matter what their reason, the root of their desire is the same: being better than they were yesterday.

Working out and training have profound effects on an individual’s physicality and also on their emotional well being. Defined physiques and emotional well being are skills. The require time and consistency to be developed and sharpened over time through constant effort and work.

This January, we are honoring three incredible women – one from each location – that embody the spirit of being better than they were yesterday by consistently striving to develop their inner and outer-selves.

chistine rothe_squareChristine was nominated by her trainer Beckie Lough.  Becki gave this recognition to Christine because although she might balk at the label “athlete,” she represents what a lifetime dedication to fitness and health can be. Christine never misses training (even while recovering from injuries!), she takes workouts with her on vacation (and actually does them!), and stays active in her daily life. She is positive and uplifting of others and her approach to a fit life inspires our community!



kate powers_square
Kate was I nominated by her trainer of 7 years, Krista Bergeron.  Krista is acknowledging Kate because she is one of ASF’s first members, following us from our very first location where she began her journey in June 2010.  Kate is hard-working, consistent and open to coaching from Krista and others. She has beautiful form and an amazing sense of humor! Krista feels super-fortunate to have her as a friend and client and believes they make an excellent team in getting Kate to her goals and surpassing her own expectations. Click here to read what Kate has to say about her experience with Austin Simply Fit.



susan holmes_square
Susan is one of our newer community members, recently joining forces with her trainer Lucas Orosco at our training and performance facility in Leander, just outside the Austin City Limits. Susan is receiving this honor because she has made quick progress on achieving her goal of bodyweight squats. When she first started with Lucas she was only able to squat half her bodyweight at about half the range of motion due to issues with her knees. Over the course of only 5 weeks because of her consistency and trust in the program Lucas provides, she is now squatting her body weight and crushing her goals! In addition to her squats her has earned herself the prize of 24 consecutive push ups! Awesome work, Susan!