Power Couple Profile: Shelby and Alyssa, Powerlifting Best Friends


Shelby and Alyssa are a dynamic duo.. They have been friends for 13 years (since 7th grade!). After high school went to different colleges and drifted a little. Thankfully, when they came back home to Leander, they were able to reconnect at the gym and rekindle their friendship.

At first they trained together at Gold’s Gym. Shelby made the decision to focus on powerlifting and switched to Austin Simply Fit’s powerlifting crew programming. Being best friends, Alyssa and Shelby remained connected outside the gym, usually on the trails with their dogs.

Sharing their gym experiences sparked Alyssa’s interest in powerlifting-specific programming and piqued her interest enough to get to ASF for her first free workout. Recognizing that she too has an interest in powerlifting, Alyssa joined the same crew Shelby trains with and now they are working toward competing at the RPS Texas ASF Open in June!

20170212_190032They agree that training together toward this goal has brought them back together and strengthened their friendship. They are motivation for each other and the constant push they need to reach further than they thought possible.

Shelby says she is always impressed by Alyssa’s progress. “Her form has improved a lot in a very short period of time, she’s visibly getting stronger with each training session,” Shelby said.

“The shape of her butt has changed big time! And, for the better,” Alyssa exclaimed about Shelby through some laughter.

“Their friendship really comes through when they train together. Always pushing each other and helping one and other dig deep to get their goals. Everyone needs support like what these two have,” said Dana SweetDee Rygwelski, their powerlifting coach.

Training together has strengthened their friendship and has also strengthened their passion for living a fit lifestyle.

“We get to hang out a lot more now that we train together, and it’s nice to spend time with each other while getting healthy and strong,” Shelby mentioned.

We’re grateful these two ladies chose Austin Simply Fit to lead them down their personal fitness journeys. The coming months leading up to their meet are going to be spectacular. Follow along with what they’re doing by engaging with them on Instagram!



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