Make 2015 Your Year for Gains

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Every year people resolve to lose weight. In fact, last year it was the most popular New Year’s resolution according to What if I told you that you don’t need to lose weight to look better? What if I told you that you don’t need to run to be fit? What if I told you that you don’t need to beat yourself up about your diet to feel healthy? If this just blew your mind, allow me to open your eyes to the wonderful reality that is strength training.

The best goals are ones you know you can achieve. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. Most people fail at achieving their desired goals because their goals are vague and subjective. Being “healthier,” “fitter” or “looking better” are not goals you can measure. Sure, you can feel better and look better in your clothes, but how do you know when you’ve reached your desired result? That’s what makes strength training different.

You can objectively assess if you are getting stronger because you’ll find yourself lifting more weight then you did before. Plus, many of the other goals you want to reach (lose weight, feel better) are direct byproducts of getting stronger. It’s a win win situation!

How does it work? Stronger and more efficient muscles raise metabolism which, Squat_Robyn_USPA Meetwhen paired with proper nutrition, can reduce body fat. BAM! You look better! Strength is the foundation of work capacity, allowing you to perform more work before fatiguing. BAM! You are now fitter! Strength training can regulate your hormones, help reduce the need for reliance on medications and improve mental clarity.  BAM! You now have a healthier mindset and lifestyle! Furthermore, becoming physically strong has secondary effects that extend well beyond the weight room. Confidence gained through lifting heavy weight carries over to confidence in your personal relationships and professional career.

In addition to being measurable, strength training is an exercise that always produces more: more strength, more muscle, more speed. In the powerlfiting world, these are called “gains.”  Austin Simply Fit’s family of lifters is continuing to experienced positive gains in 2014 with more to come! (In case you missed it, we are gaining our third and largest location in Cedar Park/Leander!) We hope you make 2015 the year you commit to getting stronger, not slimmer, and join our fit family.






About Lance: Lance is a strength coach at Austin Simply Fit. Having himself been previously weak, fat, and injured, he is motivated to help you reach your optimal health. Lance currently trains as a competitive powerlifter.Click here to read more about Lance.