Injuries – Making the Most of Them

Let’s face it… injuries are a pain in the butt, quite often literally, but also mentally and emotionally. Injuries are energy draining. It is so frustrating to be held back, physically. Your mind wants it, you want it, but your body can’t follow suit. It’s saying “No, stop!” and usually it’s saying stop for a reason. So first thing’s first, try and get to the bottom of that reason. What hurts? Where? When? What makes it worse? Better? Don’t let an injury become frustrating until you have tried just about everything – ice, heat, stretching (hold each stretch for 1.5 minutes by the way), foam rolling, trigger point therapy with a lacrosse ball, yoga, and meditation. If the means are available, look into massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc. Whatever you do, DON’T STOP MOVING! Find what works; together, you and your trainer will find ways to make training and movement beneficial, despite an injury.

injuryrecoveryTry not to compare your situation to how you used to feel, what you used to be able to do pain-free. Focus on the present and on feeling better in the future. Turn any feelings of frustration, anger and fear into positive, healing injury. Nothing is permanent, and while an injury or pain may seem to last forever, it most likely won’t – especially if you’re already investing in your health by training. Hopefully with some research and the help of others, you can discover more about your body by learning about your injury, whether it stems from muscular imbalances, tightness, poor posture, or even bad shoes. Hopefully you will come back stronger because of that.

No body is perfect. We all have our flaws and imbalances. One thing is for sure – we have to live in our bodies for the rest of our lives, so one of the most valuable things that you can do is take care of it, love it, and appreciate it. Appreciate what it CAN do for us. My mother suffered from a brain hemorrhage eight years ago and is now hemiplegic (i.e. the entire left side of her body is paralyzed). She spent one week in a coma, three months in ICU, several more months as an in-patient at Memorial Hermann, and years re-learning simple human movements like eating, walking, and talking. Today, she swims laps and pumps iron in the gym, almost every…single…day! My point? Don’t lose hope, never give up, and never stop believing in yourself!


About Meryl: Meryl is a personal trainer at Austin Simply Fit. She has a diverse health and fitness background, growing up as a dancer, artistic gymnast, swimmer, track athlete and now a powerlifter. In training with Meryl, you will improve will improve your energy, fitness and wellbeing to reach and excess your goals. Workouts with Meryl are always fun and you will feel her passion for fitness! Click here to read more about Meryl.