Austin Simply Fit’s Summer of Success

IMG_2723Austin Simply Fit turns everyday athletes into record-breaking powerlifting competitors. Over the past year, Austin Simply Fit has introduced more than a dozen athletes to the sport, all of whom have competed and placed in competitions sanctioned by the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) and others. On any day of the week, you’ll find these athletes training with experienced lifters at one of Austin Simply Fit’s two locations, lifting, squating and bench pressing their max weight. Athletes are breaking performance records daily.

Austin Simply Fit powerlifting athletes range in gender, age and experience level. Some athletes, including 31-year old Nikki “Gunz” Conzalez, put in countless hours of training each week in an effort to be the very best in the sport.

“I love the energy and excitement,” Gonzales said. “It’s my time and I love a great challenge.” Nikki ranks among the top lifters in the nation, nearing a 400 pound deadlift. She’s among ten of Austin Simply Fit athletes who have qualified and are now preparing to compete in the USPA World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada in November.

Throughout the past few months athletes have competed in a variety of meets including the USAPL Summerfest, APF Texas Nationals, USPA Austin Simply Fit Open and APF Texas Challenge.

Most recently, athletes participated in the USPA Capital of Texas Open Powerlifting meet on September 21. Veterans and new lifters alike both brought their A-Games for a fantastic event. New lifter, Robyn Pettinger, qualiftied for Nationals on her first meet. ” The support of my ASF team and coaches was outstanding and I couldn’t have done it without them.  I may have been lifting on the platform alone, but I felt like I had an army of people behind me every second,” she said. “ASF is definitely the place to be if you want to compete at a high level in powerlifting.”

martha-best-lifterSeveral of Austin Simply Fit Athletes placed (noted below), including Martha King, who qualified for World’s and got the Best Lifter award.

A full list of achievements by members of Austin Simply Fit’s Powerlifting Team this summer is listed below. Want to be a part of the family and fun, email

APF Texas Nationals – June 1, 2014
Mark Rogers – 1

USAPL Summerfest – July 12
Nikki “Gunz” Gonzalez – Division 1st Place, Broke the American squat record, Best Raw Female

USPA Austin Simply Fit Open – July 26
Krista Bergeron – Division 1
Franki Spell – Division 1st Place, Best Raw Classic Lifter, Broke the State bench and deadlift records,
(Inaugural Meet)
Julie Laursen – Division 1st Place
Martha King – Division 1st Place, Broke Master’s State Records in each category
Jessica Neilan – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
Chantel Soirez – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
Aliza Rivera – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
Barbara Rapparport – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
Rosalind Hicks-Bowles – 1
Shari Davis – Division 1st Place, Broke her own State and American Records
Eric Nayden – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
John DeLaPaz – Division 1st Place, Qualified for IPL World’s in Vegas
David Polisky – Division 1st Place, (Inaugural Meet)
Jordan Lawler – Division 2nd Place

APF Texas Challenge – August 2, 2014
Brendan Morr – Division 1st Place
Bonnie Thomas – Division 1st Place, Best Geared Female Lifter
Julie Novack, Division 1st Place, Best Raw Female Lifter, (Inaugural Meet)
Jeremy Schraw – Division 1st Place, Best Male Geared Lifter, Best deadlift of the meet, Best Overall

Best Lifter Streak
Nikki “Gunz” Gonzalez – USPA Texas State Meet, USAPL Summerfest
RuthAnn Fod – USPA Texas State Meet
Krista Bergeron – USPA Austin Simply Fit Open
Franki Spell – USPA Austin Simply Fit Open
Julie Novak – APF Texas Challenge
Bonnie Thomas – APF Texas Challenge
Jeremy Schraw – APF Texas Challenge