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Semi-private, two or three clients train for 30 minutes with a Certified Personal Trainer focusing on form, technique and strength building in the squat, bench press and deadlift. Clients then spend an additional 30 minutes completing accessory work, on their own or with their trainer when possible. This program is designed for those with some strength training experience, as some self-direction is required. It differs from personal training in that the primary focus is maximum strength in the three main lifts, with many clients training to compete in powerlifting meets. The trainer will develop a 8-12 week strength program for the team, making adjustments throughout the cycle according to each client’s needs. Clients will learn proper form as they push past old maxes, with teammates learning from each other and keeping each other hungry for more weight! The program is structured around a three or four day a week format. 

I have worked out with Mark for several years and have made huge improvements in my strength and agility.

– Andrew S.

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