Athlete of the Month




This month called for three exceptional athletes! Training duo Kelsey James and Mary Rae Arvizu have been supporting and pushing each other to train hard every session and recover well. Jeffrey Cohan also brings it every time, training consistently with focus and intensity. And they are all seeing the benefits!

These athletes know that even though it can be painful, giving that extra 1% each session pays off exponentially in big time gains!

ASF SOUTH: Kelsey James and Mary Rae Arvizu

From Kelsey and Mary Rae’s trainer, Beckie Lough:

Besties Kelsey and Mary Rae truly are a Dream Team!

Kelsey started working with me in October 2022, and her gains in strength and fitness have been incredible. She went from having very little lifting experience to front squatting over 100 lbs! Her consistency and frequency have made all the difference in her explosive progress. She has been training four times a week and almost never misses a session.

Over six months ago, Mary Rae, inspired by Kelsey, started training with me solo. Mary Rae is always positive and always coachable, and she is unafraid to push her limits! She recently made a 150 deadlift for reps look easy!

Now that they are training together, Kelsey and Mary Rae keep each other motivated and encouraged. They are totally invested in the process, always talking about form and technique and learning from watching each other lift. And we all have so much fun together in the gym! They light me up and motivate me to keep training hard. I can’t wait to see how strong they are this time next year!

Here’s what Mary Rae had to say about training:

What do you enjoy most about working with your trainer at ASF?
My favorite thing about working with Beckie is how she pushes me to do things I wouldn’t normally think I could do. She is so positive and motivating!

What have you been most proud of since you started training?
Sticking to it and making training an important part on my weekly schedule.

What are you looking forward to?
Becoming stronger and healthier.

Here’s Kelsey’s perspective:

What do you enjoy most about working with your trainer at ASF?
Training with Beckie has made the gym fun! The workouts are challenging but doable. I’m always looking forward to the next session.

What have you been most proud of since you started training?
Improvements in my everyday life and mentality through strength training.

What are you looking forward to?
Continuing to kick ass at Austin Simply Fit!




ASF CENTRAL: Jeffrey Cohan

From Jeff’s trainer, Eric Brooks:

Jeff is Athlete of the Month for his win the day mentality, willingness to train hard and the fact that he pushes through perceived limits. He is coachable and approaches every training session with the intent to get 1% better. Jeff is great company and has been a source of laughs throughout the duration of our time working together. He has also been an inspiration to me in other aspects of life that I am truly grateful for. 

I am looking forward to seeing his continued progression in the gym and the benefits of our training in areas of his life outside of the gym.


Here’s what Jeff thinks about working with Eric:

What do you enjoy most about working with your trainer at ASF?
Working with Eric gives me a lot of confidence that I am making the most of my time and effort, and efficiency is really important to me right now as I navigate the demands of work and family. When I lift with him he keeps me focused on form and the count… most of the time I don’t even do the math on how much weight he has on for me to lift until we’ve completed the set. I am stronger right now than I have been at any point in my life, and that is attributable to the analytical approach Eric takes to my program (and his encouragement during the lifts.) He does not let me skip leg days…even when I ask politely.

What have you been most proud of since you started training?
Consistency. I have gone through numerous periods where I get in good shape, then get busy (or injured) and it comes unraveled. With Eric, I schedule my training sessions into my calendar and I find that having that appointment helps me stay accountable (and more productive with the rest of my day after the mental break and reset from the session.) I look forward to the sessions, so even on days where the other demands of life are pulling me in different directions, I make every effort to get to ASF. 

What are you looking forward to?
Last fall I mentioned to Eric that I would like to try to hit a (fairly audacious for me) lifting goal on my upcoming (numerically significant) birthday. His response was “Let’s go!” He adjusted my program and we have been making steady progress towards the goal, so I am fired up to get there, and maybe beyond.



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