Celebrating 2023!

Cheers to another amazing year! We hope this year found you thriving and having fun. Here are a few of our top moments from 2023:


1) ASFU launches – our leadership team and Director of Athletic Development Sierra Nevels have developed an onboarding program for new trainers, as well as ongoing continuing education for current coaches that ensures the entire team is on the same page, with the most current exercise science.

2) The fifth annual Coach DJ’s Memorial Bench-A-Thon was a huge success! Read a recap here.

3) ASF’s Student Athlete Scholarship Fund – thanks to the Bench-A-Thon and the support of our community, we gave $1,000 scholarships to eight deserving AISD student athletes! Read about the 2023 recipients here.

4) We welcomed Ashley Bazan, Quintin Hinojosa, Matt Webb and Bailee Murray this year. Each trainer went through our onboarding program and hit the ground running. We love having them as a part of the team!

5) The Simply Fit Games were refined and restructured for 2023. Our community brought their best and had a blast! Read a recap of the 2023 Games here. The trainers had their own friendly competition – read about the Trainer Games here.

6) Be the Change – we are proud to support DAWA Fund and the work they do for BIPOC creators and healers in Austin. Read about DAWA here. Read about our fundraiser here.

7) Our team knows how to have fun! From Cidercade to bowling to an epic day of paintball, we keep the competition fierce but friendly.

8) ASF’s YouTube channel – we have been hard at work creating videos to educate and support our community. Whether you want to show your spouse the movement you did at the gym, or you want to work on your form when you’re not with your trainer, check out our ever-expanding library of demo videos here!