Athlete of the Month


Taylor Porter
Rising Senior at Leander High School
Texas Bombers Gold National

Taylor is not wasting time in the summer before her senior year! She has big plans to play softball in college, and she is putting in a ton of work with Coach Sierra to help her attain her goals. With time and effort, she is going to do great things!

Coach Sierra Nevels told us why she nominated Taylor as her featured athlete:

Taylor is a great human being and softball athlete. She never ceases to make me laugh. Taylor is very enjoyable to be around and she is very coachable. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow up as she has been training with me for a few years. Her growth is exceptional as a person and a player – I’m excited for her future!

Taylor gave us her thoughts on her training:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? Working with Sierra I have gained weight and muscle, which has helped with how much power I have and has made me stronger.

What keeps you motivated to keep training with Sierra? I can see a difference from when I started to now, so I stay motivated because I know she knows what she’s doing and she is going to get me to where I want to be physically.

What have you learned about lifting and nutrition to improve health and performance? She has taught me that no matter what, I need to eat, and if I don’t then the workouts I do with her might not be beneficial. I also need to make sure I’m taking care of my body and stretching good and communicating if I am having pain when working out.

What are your plans for the future? Playing softball at University of Illinois.

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