Athlete of the Month


Emy Chen
Rising Junior at McCallum High School
Competitive Edge 2025

Coach Sierra Nevels told us why she nominated Emy as her featured athlete:

I’m choosing Emy because she is diligent and hard working. This summer will conclude a full year of her being here in Texas. Last summer when Emy moved here from Cali, she quickly sought out a strength coach to help her with her physicality on the court. Her and her dad found me and we hit it off — it amazed me to hear from Emy about how where she was in California, basketball was very different, not as physical and not as competitive.

As Emy is getting accustomed to Texas, she is really coming into herself and her game – playing her first year on Varsity, first time playing on a high level AAU team here, and getting several accolades in her high school season. Her team won district for the first time in years, and she won District MVP and got invited to area high school awards, to name a few. Might I add she is a very smart and hard working student on top of it. I think Emy has a bright future ahead of her with school and basketball.

Emy gave us her side of the story:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? Since training with Sierra, I’ve noticed that my strength has grown tremendously. I’m a lot faster and more agile on the court. Initiating contact has become easier with more strength.

What keeps you motivated to continue training with Sierra? Sierra always pushes me to keep becoming the best athlete I can be. I’ve seen how I’m getting stronger with every workout. It motivates me to keep coming in.

What have you learned about lifting and nutrition to improve health and performance? Before working out with Sierra, I’d never focused on strength training. Sierra has helped me a lot with proper form and overall knowledge about weights.

What are your plans for the future? Currently, I hope to continue to play basketball collegiately.


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