Athlete of the Month



Lily Tisdale
Sophomore at Anderson High School
Crenshaws Athletic Club Optional Girls Team, Level 10

Lily Tisdale is busy putting in the work, both in her strength training at ASF and in her gymnastics training. This high school sophomore is getting stronger and enjoying how her increased power enables her to do even bigger gymnastics skills. She has a great career ahead of her, and we can’t wait to see how far she will go!

Coach Sierra Nevels told us why she nominated Lily as her featured athlete:

I’m choosing Lily because she’s a coach’s dream athlete. She’s coachable, respectful, diligent, and has such amazing work ethic. She comes in to do work and nothing short of it. She’s an amazing kid and athlete. I’m excited to be part of her journey and excited for her future.

Lily answered a few questions about training with Sierra:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? Since starting with Sierra, I’ve noticed that my legs feel more powerful and I’m able to do bigger tumbling and vaulting skills in the gym. My core and shoulders also feel more stable, which helps me with my shapes and lines in gymnastics, especially on bars. Most importantly, I learned good technique and proper positioning that I could translate to my gymnastics conditioning and workouts.

What keeps you motivated to keep training with Sierra? I’m motivated by the way I feel from strength training and how much more stable my body feels in my sport because of it. Especially through injury, and at times when I can’t do everything in gymnastics, working out with Sierra helps me feel like I’m maintaining all of the strength I need. Sierra pushes me to be the best I can for myself and helps me work on the things that I need.

What have you learned about lifting and nutrition to improve health and performance? Sierra has taught me to always listen to my body and prioritize recovery after all of my workouts with lots of protein and my vitamins! I hadn’t focused on nutrition a lot before and it makes a big difference when it comes to muscle recovery and feeling ready for my next workout quicker.

What are your plans for the future? I hope to compete in gymnastics collegiately and continue to work on my strength training there as well.


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