13 Years and a Million Lessons

A note from ASF owner Krista Bergeron

There are times you sit back and take stock, and it’s almost hard to believe all that has happened to get you there. You think, if I had known what it would take, I don’t know if I would have done it, or survived the stepping stones that got me to today. I think this is every entrepreneur’s experience. The beauty is that every single step, fall, and win created your current situation. Without all the lessons, challenges and triumphs you couldn’t be where you are. This is also a metaphor for strength training. To grow requires discomfort, progressive load, and yes, sometimes failure in order to get stronger. 

ASF is 13 this May! Time seems to have flown. When we started, I was a green coach, I had toddlers at home and I couldn’t squat 200 lbs. I now have college and high school age children who were raised at ASF and are a parallel reminder to me of our growth and evolution. 

I could not have dreamt of all the amazing clients who would grow with me and trust me to walk this fitness journey with them, many of whom I’m still lucky to coach now. I have grown so much as a coach, an employer and a person from all they have taught me. I’ve also had the privilege to mentor many coaches over the years, and I have learned from many coaches. I deeply value my coaches and am impressed by the way they show their passion and character everyday. 

In a nutshell, I am just so grateful to this community and the work of so many individuals to create a beautiful space that is committed to really helping people lead happier, healthier lives. I feel so lucky to be part of something that makes people feel empowered and embodied. Cheers to many more years of getting strong together