Athlete of the Month


Maddy Azua
Senior at Round Rock High School
Softball – Pitcher
Round Rock High School Dragons
Hotshots National Nelson

Yet another incredible softball player is committed to playing her sport in college! Maddy Azua will be playing for Texas State next year, and we could not be more proud of her. She has been training with Coach Sierra Nevels, so we know she’ll have the weight room experience and knowledge to continue strength training as she continues her athletic career.

Coach Sierra told us why she chose to highlight Maddy: 

I am choosing Maddy this month because she and her family have trusted me with her physical development! Honestly, since I was introduced to her about 2-3 years ago, I’d been trying to get Maddy into the gym so I could train her and ultimately help her, not to achieve her athletic goals – she was already a super star and getting major looks from universities – but to help her stay healthy!!! When you’re elite and have elite talent, you need to pay attention to how you’re handling yourself outside of the mound. She’s a pitcher and I knew she needed to stay healthy and strong to keep performing at the elite level she has been. I waited and waited… then finally the time came, and she hasn’t looked back nor regretted. She’s come a long way and she is reaping the benefits of training twice a week with me and is definitely seeing it in her game. That’s what it’s all about, having the athlete trust you as their coach and then you can go to work.

Here’s what Maddy had to say about training with Coach Sierra:

In what ways has your athletic performance or physique improved? My athletic performance has improved in many ways. I have increased speed in my pitching, I feel that I have gained more mobility and have had the ability to get stronger and lift more weight than before with the help of my training.

What keeps you motivated to keep training with Sierra? Some things that keep me motivated to keep training with Sierra is the environment she creates every day. I feel comfortable working with her and I don’t just see her as a trainer but as someone that I can trust and open up to.

What has Sierra taught you about lifting and nutrition to improve health and performance? She has taught me how important it is to fuel your body and how much it can affect you. She has also taught me many ways to lift correctly without the result of an injury in order to have a more positive result in the end.

What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future are to play D1 college softball (Texas State) and to search for my career path that I wish to take on in my adult life.

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