Athlete of the Month



Betty Ko and Damon O’Gan can really feel the progress they are making. They love to be pushed by their trainers, and they get stronger with each session. While consistency is of course key, they also show how important it can be to enjoy your training and have fun while you work hard!

ASF Central: Betty Ko

From Betty’s trainer, Jackie Tey:

Betty is the ultimate client. She is a hard worker, consistent, and just a joy to be around and coach. She was one of the first clients I had when I started at Austin Simply Fit, and I have enjoyed watching her grow as an athlete. She always puts 100% into her workouts and continues to surprise and impress me with her growth. To see her improve her form and increase her strength with each session is so rewarding. I’m so proud of Betty’s persistence and work ethic, and excited to see where it will take her next!


Betty told us about her experience: 

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer/at ASF? Jackie always encourages and tries to push my limit. Also, we share some fun stuff during training, making the process much happier but not tedious.

What have you been most proud of since you started training? I can see and feel my progress. I took a long vacation before I came back and started training with Jackie. At first, my grip was kind of weak, so when doing the step ups, I would need to take some rest between reps. And sometimes I could not push through when doing the incline press. But now, I feel much more strength as I can finish the reps nonstop, or even do more weights.

What are you looking forward to? I hope I can lift more weights and be stronger. Being healthier and slimmer while losing more weight!


ASF South: Damon O’Gan

From Damon’s trainer, Vilita Cruz:

Imagine getting to the gym by 5:30 am, walking through the door willing to do anything your peppy trainer throws at you! That would be Damon. He is dedicated with an excellent attendance record. Consistency is key and it shows. With an emphasis of strength training to better him in his boxing and myriad activities such as bike races, Damon kicks ass! He always shows up with a positive attitude, no complaints ever! I can expect 110% each and every session, and let me tell you that’s not an easy task, especially before sunrise. He is an ideal client, open to feedback and great with taking
cues to correct his form.

I don’t get up that early in the morning for just anyone, but for Damon I’ll slam that coffee down and make sure to bring my 110% to make him better, faster, and stronger!


Here’s what Damon had to say about his training:

What do you enjoy most about training with your trainer/at ASF? I enjoy training with Vilita so much because she is so friendly, warm, and fun, but she combines that with an ability to push me to my limits with a no nonsense drive. There are no excuses when you work out with V!

What have you been most proud of since you started training? I was an avid athlete in high school, and have remained active ever since. I’m an equine veterinarian specializing in sports medicine, so my job involves moving all the time. I am almost never at a desk. Even with all my regular activity, since I started working with Vilita, I am a different person, physically. I am proud to be stronger now at age 51 than I have ever been in my life.

What are you looking forward to? I look forward to feeling younger every year! Thanks, V!


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