Athlete of the Month


Courtney is and ASF veteran beginning her training with Krista in 2012. As it happens, life interrupted Courtney’s tenure at ASF for a short break. Then in early 2020, Courtney and her husband Brett, recommitted themselves to their promise to get, and stay, fit. Courtney is an avid runner and has always been a fit person, but she was committed to making some real changes in her program and in her body, both performance-wise and aesthetically. What she soon discovered, was how drastically strength training changed her body composition. Courtney reached out to Krista for the extra push, knowledge and expertise to progress her even further. “Courtney works her butt off, and she hasn’t let COVID stop her one bit,” said Krista. “She is the perfect example of a client who executes what is laid out in front of her and doesn’t make excuses. I have nominated her as athlete of the Month, because she understands that fitness goals are not met in one day or happen by magic. It’s the consistency in the gym, diet, and recovery that get you to your goals and Courtney isn’t afraid to do the work.” We know that Courtney is going to show up to each workout ready to execute the plan and do her part outside of the gym to meet her goals.  She is a great friend and welcomed part of the ASF community that we’re so happy to have back. Great work, Courtney!