Athlete of the Month



Chris has been nominated for this month’s client highlight because of his disciplined approach to his health and fitness; even a pandemic can’t hold him back! Through this last few weeks as the world changes, Chris remained steadfast in his workouts, his bike rides and working from home.  Chris’ personal trainer, Brendan said, “I think that more than anything, having the mindset to keep going in the face of adversity, and to find a way, is why Chris is seeing success along his fitness journey. Chris has remained positive and that’s something hard to come by lately and further shows he is an example of excellence.”



Prabhakar has been nominated for this. month’s client highlight by his personal trainer, John De La Paz. Here’s what John has to say about Prabhakar, “Before COVID, Prabhakar and I had started a complex bodybuilding program to help him reach his goals. Just as we were picking up steam, we had to switch to virtual training. Luckily for us, Prabhakar was able to set up a complete home gym, so our training never skipped a beat. The first few sessions took a little longer than most, as we were still fine tuning the process and camera angles. Since then, he has made major strides in volume but more importantly in form and time under tension. His consistency and perseverance during these challenging times are just a couple of the reasons why I chose to nominate Prabhakar. With all the challenges of virtual training, he always manages to juggle his training while homeschooling his amazing children and playing with his gorgeous puppy. On top of that, Prabhakar is an absolute joy to train. He is extremely positive and always brings great energy to our training times. I can’t thank him enough for choosing to train with me and for being a part of our amazing Austin Simply Fit community.”