Client Review | Brandon Edward Elizondo

If you’re considering working with a personal trainer and haven’t found the right trainer or location/gym, you need to consider Austin Simply Fit. I think I’m like a lot of people that have relied on past workouts and routines maybe from high school or possibly from someone that seemed to have a good workout routine. In my case, those old routines were becoming boring and uninspired. And maybe worse of all, those old routines had me doing essentially the same movements, hitting the same muscles groups over and over and over again. Eventually, my left shoulder started to have chronic pain and my left knee was in a similar situation. It reached a point where I was beginning to think my shoulder and knee were simply bad and would always be bad.

Fortunately my wife had already started training with Amanda Bode at the South Lamar location. My wife was really enjoying the workouts and the results she was getting. She enjoyed Amanda’s coaching on form, she enjoyed knowing that each workout would be slightly different and interesting, and she appreciated that Amanda would manage all aspects of her workouts. Eventually my wife suggested that maybe a professional trainer could address my shoulder and knee issues. Happy to say that after one-year of training with Amanda, my shoulder & my knee and my overall fitness were at an all-time high.

So what makes Austin Simply Fit the right choice? And what makes Amanda Bode the right choice as a trainer?

For starters, the location at South Lamar is clean, well-organized, never over-crowded, equipped with modern machines and workout gear, and above all has a great positive-encouraging atmosphere. On the atmosphere piece, this is because all the trainers are knowledgeable, professional, attentive and invested with each training session. I always felt a little boost when I showed up because I knew my trainer (Amanda) would be ready to go and ready to push me – I liked that little boost of motivation.

Simply Fit does 30mins work outs which really helps when you’re trying to fit a workout into a busy work day. At first, I thought the 30min sessions wouldn’t be enough but I quickly grew to appreciate how efficient the workouts became. To that point, you have to keep moving when you only have 30mins!! This tends to give each session a slight cardio-vibe to them which I found to be a pleasant surprise. In fact, at times Amanda would completely change-up the routine and run me thru a High Intensity circuit for 30mins which can really get your heart rate up!

Another aspect that I really enjoyed about Amanda’s training was the variety of workouts. When I showed up I had no idea what was instore for me and I really liked that aspect of the workouts. I think a common obstacle for most people who struggle with embracing a gym routine is they can feel bored with their workouts. Not the case with Amanda! If the goal was to increase shoulder strength and mobility, Amanda would bring 3-5 different movements to address my shoulder. If the goal was to improve squat strength and form, Amanda would use a variety of movements to address this need. Overall Amanda kept the sessions interesting, challenging and focused towards my goals.

Which brings me back to my shoulder, my knee, and my overall need to feel more inspired when I worked out. I look back to the day when my wife suggested that I use a trainer as a huge step forward in my overall health and happiness. I really believed my shoulder was beyond repair. I believed my knee was in the same bucket and my outlook on gym visits had started to feel like a drag. In short, with Amanda’s experience and guidance I’m happy to say my shoulder is healthy and pain free. My knee is no longer an issue and I can trust it when I work out. Most importantly I’m back to enjoying my gym visits!

My wife compliments me that I look stronger and can see that my posture is more balanced and healthy. I owe those improvements to Austin Simply Fit and of course to my trainer Amanda Bode. So, if you’re on the fence about joining a gym that offers 1×1 training give Austin Simply Fit a shot! A professional trainer will design a workout for you and your goals. A trainer will make sure you use the right form and track your progress thru each workout. And a good trainer, like Amanda Bode will keep you motivated leading to better health and happiness.