David received his Bachelor’s of Science with an emphasis in exercise and sports science degree from Texas State University in 2005.  After graduation he began working as a physical/occupational therapy technician at HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital. This was the same hospital he underwent extensive therapy in after a life-threatening car accident in June of 2004. 

His personal training career began in 2007 when he went to work as a health and fitness specialist at the Dell fitness center. David then joined forces with Mark and Krista to help found Austin Simply Fit in the spring of 2010.

He caught the powerlifting bug in 2014, and has placed 1st and set three state records in his division at every meet that he’s competed in except for one. He’s now set his aim on conquering the upcoming meet on the 14th. 

David recently took a month-long trip to Europe, where he visited family in Italy, France, and Spain. Although the whole trip was amazing, he absolutely fell in love with the breathtaking Italian coastline while hiking the Cinque Terre trail.  He couldn’t express his gratitude enough for having the opportunity to experience such beauty. He understood more thoroughly how important it is to stay active every day…even if all you have the time/energy for is to go on a long walk. He regularly walked upwards of 10,000 steps per day, and appreciated the fact that his experience weight training helped prepare him for that activity. 

Since he did not lift a weight while he was abroad, he was very eager to get back into the gym to move some serious weight again. Although he may have lost a bit of strength, his focus and drive have never been higher. Likewise, his passion for his clients’ success has been reinvigorated and he strives to help make lasting impacts in each of their lives every day.