Elaine Kasper, ASF Central
Trains with Sierra Nevels
[From Elaine] I loved that the iDecide challenge let participants choose what would be a meaningful, healthy lifestyle change for them. For me, I wanted to get out of the habit of just picking up something for dinner and committed to making home-prepared dinners for June and July. After two months, the meal planning, prep and making has become second nature and, honestly, takes about as much time and effort as the “heat and eat” plan. Our family times around home prepared meals are much more fulfilling, both in terms of conversations and healthier menus. We’ve definitely hit the reset on this unhealthy habit!



Joe Kralik, ASF Central
Trains with Krista Bergeron
[From Krista] I’m so impressed by the work Joe has done this summer in the iDecide Challenge. He is a long time ASF client and an integral member of the ASF Central family. Joe is about the most consistent person I know,  as I often refer to him affectionately as “the robot”. He has a routine in life and he has made his training at ASF part of his day, Joe trains 4-6x week with us so he’s always putting in work. In terms of the challenge, Joe set out to hit 10% body fat. Although we were just shy of that, I have watched Joe juggle the demands of running his loan business, work around an injury,  and care for an ill family member. He doesn’t complain or make excuses, and he approaches all his challenges just like his training…he consistently puts in the work and knows that the process takes time and commitment. Cheers to you Joe.. your hard work paid off!


Randy Brooks, ASF Central
Trains with Brendan Morr
[From Brendan] Randy has shown consistency over and over again. It was no surprise that he won the competition because Randy enjoys training so much. We both agreed the reason he won was because he treats ASF as an integral part of his life. That’s the message I want people to understand and I know it can be tough with kids family etc., but keeping some form of fitness in your life is what keeps you alive and thriving. Our “longevity squat” (or so I named it) is the requirement for the person to stand up off the floor without using any other point of contact. The less contact points the better. Even though this was fun to chase after, I know Randy enjoys training bench and upper body WAY more.


And thank you to our program sponsors for providing awesome gift baskets for these three winners.