Athlete of the Month


May is the month when when the Texas Summer begins to make it’s appearance. It’s the end of allergy season, the storms bring in the cool weather and it quickly goes away when the sun comes back out (and brings the humidity with it). By the end of the month we’re ready for hot days on the lake. This May, we celebrate three athletes who have taken what they are learning in the gym and apply it to their daily lives. These three ladies, from all corners of the city, prepare themselves to dominate in life every day by working their butts on with our trainers a few times a week. Read below to learn more.


Wendy Hale was selected at ASF South’s Athlete of the Month her because of her outstanding dedication and commitment to training since she began last September. She applies the dedication she has in the gym to her every day life and is oh-so-close to reaching her goal of a strict pull-up! We asked Wendy about her experience with David and ASF, read what she had to say here.




For the last two months Beth has committed to her own personal fitness goal while working full-time and earning a promotion at work, all while balancing the never ending duties that come with being a mother and wife.  Beth consistently attends both the Kettlebell classes and her own 1-on-1 sessions and has put just as much energy into improving her personal nutrition. She even goes the extra mile and works out while on vacation to stay committed to her program.  In the two months that Beth has been training with Theo she seen a decrease in Body Fat with a significant increase in muscle mass along; getting stronger and learning new skills every day.


Whitney is the epitome of hard work. She is as dedicated to her training as she is to her school and her puppy, Weebay. Whitney has been training with ASF’s resident powerlifting coach, Dana, for a year now and attend every training session with an open mind and heart, ready to take on the challenge in front of her no matter how hard it may be. This attitude carries through to everything she does in life. She is studying to get her nursing degree and ACC, works full time as an esthetician at the European Wax Center, manages her household and train with Dana at ASF. Needless to say her plate runneth over, yet somehow, she makes it all work.

We talked to Whitney about her ASF experience and what it’s like to train with her coach Dana. Read what she said here.