TAG 4.0 – 2017 TAG Championships – Austin, Tx – December 3, 2017.

The True Athlete Games 2017 Championships will be held on December 3, 2017, at Austin Simply Fit Training and Performance in Leander, TX. This is an invitation-only event.  Athletes must have qualified in one of the open qualifiers earlier in the year.

Weigh-ins will take place the day of the event. Please arrive EARLY to give us enough time for data entry.
You will have 60mins to complete the first 9 tests. Afterwards, everyone will go through the 10th test.
Events for the Championships will be released after the final open qualifier.

Here’s the list of events: (subject to change; videos coming soon)

Deadlift (Strength)
400m Row (Speed endurance)
Forward Med Ball Throw, 2-Step approach (Upperbody power)
Standing Triple Jump (Lowerbody Power)
Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5) (Agility)
Sandbell Ground to Over Shoulder (Strength Endurance) *75lbs women/125lbs men
Pull-ups (Upperbody Strength)
Jump Rope/Push-up Medley (Stamina) *5min Time Cap
Sled Push Medley (Stamina) *2min Time Cap
Steelbell Suicide (Stamina)

You must compete in a qualifying event to receive an invitation to the championships. Our mission is to provide you with a quality fun event that’ll serve as an awesome goal setting tool to fuel your PROGRESS. SIGNED UP TODAY!