Athlete of the Month


Nothing beats hard work and dedication. You can use all the supplements and skinny “tricks” and fancy programming you want. But if you are only going to use it for a short period of time, you are only going to get short term results.

The key to achieving any goal is staying the course; committing to the lifestyle of hard work that it will take to get to where you want to be. It’s no different from the board room to the gym floor. And that’s why we picked these amazing athlete’s as our March Athletes of the Month!


Dominique has been training with Chelsea consistently twice a week for just over a year and has made HUGE strength gains. Her main goal when she came to me was to lose some weight. She has more than transformed her body, losing inches all around, but little did she know how strong she would get! And how much she would love it. She recently hit a huge PR on her squat – 185lbs! She loves lifting heavy and is always wanting to learn & grow. Her attitude is everything. She comes in with her game face on ready to tackle whatever I throw her way. I see a lot of myself in her when I first started lifting and it has been a complete joy to watch her journey. Read more about why Dominique decided to workout at ASF here.


Running on a campaign of tacos. He’s strooooooong and super dedicated.






Loran has been training at our Leander location for nearly a year. She came to work with SweetDee as her coach and set the intention of being ridiculous levels of strong. Over the last 9 months, Loran has dedicated herself to that goal. She shows up to the gym everyday – usually she is early. She puts 110% into every movement. “She is one of the most coachable athletes I have had the pleasure of working with and the epitome of hardwork,” SweetDee said. Since training with her powerlifting crew, Loran has put nearly 100lbs on her powerlifting total and qualified for USS Strongman Nationals in July. “I’m so excited to see Loran progress in strength sports. She’s got what is takes to go the distance. I hope she continues to fall in love with the journey!” Read a little bit about what Loran has to say about her ASF experience here.