That’s Right, Throw Your Temper Tantrum

I’m not talking about that bad temper you get when someone is squatting in the curl rack, breaux.  I’m talking about body tempering, that has been made modernly famous by Super D, Donnie Thompson.  He’s the first person to total 3000 pounds in powerlifting.  Even more impressive, he did it at age 46.  What does that have to do with anything?  Being able to handle that amount of weights on a consistent basis isn’t easy on your muscles and joints, especially as you get older.  While Donnie and I have collaborated multiple times via technology, it wasn’t until he came to Austin (Thanks to Jude Howe for hosting) this past spring, where I really was able to take in just a particle of the vast experience that he has to offer.  This is where I was introduced to body-tempering first-hand.  It was everything that I had dreamed of, with a little pressure and discomfort along the way.  I learned that the universe surrounds you with good people when you are a good person.  Donnie isn’t only one of history’s best lifters and most knowledgeable lifters, he is also a great ambassador of the sport and great friend.

What is body tempering? Body tempering is the fastest way to release fascia and muscle tonicity. This allows for muscles to be pliable and move optimally, whether it be with lifting, running, or performing any other specific athletic movement.  How is body tempering performed?

image00We use a variation of one of these pieces of drop-cut steel, and we will roll it over areas which are in need of fascial release.  It’s like reverse foam-rolling.  The heaviest that we will use is between 120-140 pounds.  So, basically a super strong lady steam-rolling your muscles (maybe this is why it’s called the x-wife), causing you a little temporary discomfort to produce optimal movement.  Don’t be fooled.  Three things are for certain: One, you will probably feel a little buzzed after you stand up from your first few sessions. Two, you may be more sore than normal and sleep really well after the first few sessions. Third, and most importantly, you will have the ability to move more efficiently.

Not only was body tempering a game-changer, but Donnie was also full of other “folk tales” of wisdom that we have been able to use.  Compression with floss/wraps, distraction with bands, setting the shoulder and hip joints, and/or a combination of any or all of those methods.  Donnie was able to roll in 2 weeks worth of material into 6 hours.

image01One would think that myself, now 8 months removed from major shoulder surgery would have benefitted most from the shoulder section of Donnie’s seminar.  While I benefitted greatly, and I did hit a huge post-op PR last week of 300 for a double on the floor press without compensation or pain, I have benefitted most from his ankle protocol and advice.  I had always worked on hip breauxbility (mobility for you youngsters) because I thought that was a reason for some hip adductor discomfort and pain that I experienced consistently.  I also experienced these imbalances while sprinting.  The red-flag that I never noticed was that I had no problem squatting to depth.  So, after chasing my tail for a couple of years, Donnie pointed me in the right direction with his ankle protocol.  These methods, combined with work by Dr. Michael Kearns, of Ash Chiropractic, I have been feeling a lot younger and stronger.  Not only have I been squatting more efficiently, I have had little to no discomfort in my hips, even when I run (yes, I like to do some sprint work).

Overall, I learned how to take care of the joints more effectively and more efficiently throughout this clinic, and it is really paying off in the gym.  It also pays off in the bedroom.  I can recover better because I am getting better quality sleep without waking up in pain in the middle of the night.  So when your muscles or joints are throwing a tantrum, throw a Temper!