$1000 up for grabs at True Athlete Game June 27

11083792_978232448862698_1730829686781884036_oThe True Athlete Games are back and we’re giving away $1,000 in cash prizes!

The second event in the True Athlete Games series will be held on Saturday, June 27, at Austin Simply Fit Northwest in Leander, Texas.

The True Athlete Games, presented by Austin Simply FitOutright Fitness, Sprints & Performance and Always Be Flexing, is your opportunity to test your speed, power, strength and endurance. If you’re a returning athlete, it’s your chance to see how much you’ve improved over the last three months. Need a little motivation? Check out the results from March’s kickoff event here. It’s anyone’s game to win.

The True Athlete Games are made up o11088614_978227482196528_7802304712036197041_of three qualifier events and one finalist competition aimed at providing individual and teams of athletes a platform for measuring their athletic progress over the course of a year.

The True Athlete Games are the Standard of Fitness Competitions.There are no surprises. Athletes tackle the same 11 challenges each time: Deadlift, Agility, Farmers Carry, 2K Row, Banded Bear Crawl, 10 Yard Acceleration, Bench Press, Broad Jump, Reverse SandBell Throw, Banded Pull-Up and the Sled Medley.

10987348_978224502196826_5659195041242081460_o-2The goal is simple. Athletes just have to finish with the highest number of points determined by a standardized system based on body weight. The top three male and female athletes will take away prizes including $1000 in cash prizes for both individual and teams of athletes.

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend. Adult beverages, snacks and music will be available throughout day. Register today!