The Revolution is officially in Texas!

PrintHold on to your butts, the REVOLUTION has come to Texas! Texas has been instrumental in building the equipment, lifestyle and athletes of powerlifting that we know today. Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) is excited to kick off our federation in the Lone Star State at the Texas GAINZsaw MASSacre with the crew at Austin Simply Fit!

So why is this the revolution you ask?

The answer is simple: RPS is the only federation FOR the lifter. RPS is the brainchild of Gene Rychlak, the first man to bench 900 & 1,000 pounds, and his wife Ame. RPS is the powerlifting federation where ATHLETES COME FIRST! There are no membership fees, we provide the best equipment, bring in world-renowned judges, update our own and PLW records in an uncanny timeframe, clearly outlined divisions and rules, and have a platform that supports diverse lifting styles and equipment. Most RPS meets include sexy, sponsored backdrops for athletes and their friends to indulge in narcissistic “red carpet”-like photo shoots, loud and energetic music, state-of-the-art technology for elite event operations, and worldwide relationships. Our state-level federations are run by actively competing, top ranked powerlifters across multiple divisions and weight classes; making the RPS directors some of the most qualified to produce and host meets – they know what lifters are looking for! RPS has created an experience that is perfect for ALL lifters, from ALL backgrounds, competing at ALL levels; and the federation was built online to save you, the athlete, money!

There is a code of conduct, and this is a biggy,  at RPS. We will not tolerate any bullying, thug-ism, or disrespect to any other lifter, especially women. RPS platforms are an opportunity to teach for a cause, and if your cause is ALL THE GAINS, that’s ok! RPS is a charitable organization that directly supports PAVA (Power Against Violence & Abuse). All RPS events are a platforms to educate and advocate against abuse in all forms. Most of these meets are used as fundraisers to provide volunteers with the supplies they need to care for and feed the people and animals in their shelters.

The records and the accolades that lifters achieve on an RPS platform are top notch. We are the partner affiliate with both XPC and RUM, making RPS a direct qualifier for any lifter (raw or geared) interested in competing on those world-class stages. And while the federation is recently formed, it is the federation where the best-of-the-best come to set new RPS and world records. It’s the platform where Brian Cain, 198 multi ply PRO lifter, achieved his #1 ranking (note: Brian was recently dethroned and now holds the #4 spot. He’ll be competing at XPC in March.). It’s also where Rheta West earned her RAW-with wraps World Record with a 500lb squat in the 165 pound weight class. There’s no denying it, big things happen on RPS platforms.

I’m so looking forward to the first RPS Texas meet on March 7. Even if you aren’t able to take the platform that day – we hope you can stop by and check out the event. Bring your friends. Bring your dogs. The whole family is welcome!

Ab10914836_10100417210164901_5797658075313839004_oout Dana “SweetDee” Rygwelski: Dee is a PRO-level RAW powerlifter, a goal she achieved as a natural lifter using pizza and proper sleep to power her gainz. Dee was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and lover of Pit Bulls (especially her little pitty puppy Squat!). A domestic traveler, Dee has been to over 50% of the continental United States and lived on both coasts, enjoys creating new experiences, and shaking her tail feather to a good house beat on the dance floor. In her professional life, Dana is a marketing, communications, and operations strategist for startups and multi media conferences. A jack of all trades, SweetDee’s passions include inspiring people to become the strongest version of themselves both in and out of the gym, long-wandering walks, loud laughing, and making people smile. She recently moved to Austin, Tx, started training as a multi ply lifter and will be taking the platform at the SPF Women’s Pro Am this April – all while brining RPS to Texas as the State Chair and training at Austin Simply Fit. You can follow Dee’s strength journey by friending her on Facebook or following her on Instagram.