ASF breaks state and national powerlifting records

On Saturday, March 29, athletes from Austin Simply Fit competed in the United States Powerlifting Association’s  Texas State Powerlifting Meet sponsored by Austin Simply Fit and held at YMCA of Austin – East Communities Branch.

The team, comprised of 13 women and 3 men, joined dozens of other world class athletes for a full day of competition that started at 9 a.m. and finished close to midnight. The athletes from Austin Simply Fit broke or set personal, state and national records in the squat, deadlift and bench press. While some of the athletes like Bonnie Thomas and Brendan Morr are experienced, world-class lifters, others, like Lauren Goebel and Shari Davis  are new to the sport and the world of competition.

Coach and World Champion Powerlifter Mark Rogers was pleased with his team’s performance. “I am extremely proud of everyone’s hard work, effort and drive,” Mark said. “Each of our athletes hit personal records on all or every challenge and many walked away with state or American records.”

Among the highlights was an impressive showing by powerlifter Lauren Goebel who, at 105 lbs, set a American deadlift record lifting 289 pounds and qualifying to compete in the USPA World Powerlifting Meet in Las Vegas this summer. This was Lauren’s first ever powerlifting competition.

Other athletes who qualified for the world competition include Brendan Morr, Bonnie Thomas, Nicole Gonzalez and Dana “Sweetdee” Rygwelski.

Watch Lauren’s record breaking lift here.

Below is a list of each Austin Simply Fit athlete’s performance. Full results will be available soon.
SR = State Record and AR = American Record


John DeLaPaz
457 Squat, SR 380 Bench, 518 Deadlift, 1339 Total

Brendan Morr
SR 501 Squat, SR 347 Bench ,SR 501 Deadlift , SR 1350 Total

Lance Olian
418 Squat, 380 Bench, 485 Deadlift, 1284 Total


Sarah Abromowitz
SR 187 Squat, 83 Bench, 220 Deadlift, SR Total 490.5

Krista Bergeron
SR and Submaster AR 242 Squat, SR and Submaster AR 143 Bench, SR and Submaster AR 331 Deadlift, SR and Submaster AR 716.5 Total
Krista posted an Elite level total

Meryl Carey
165 Squat, SR 137.8 Bench, 226 Deadlift, Total 529
Meryl took token lifts in the squat and the deadlift to defend and increase her own State Record.

Shari Davis
AR 138 Squat, AR 82 Bench, AR 253 Deadlift, AR 474 Total
Shari’s records are Masters Records

RuthAnn Ford
SR181 Squat, 93 Bench, SR 253 Deadlift, SR 518 Total
RuthAnns records are Masters records and she was the Master’s Best Lifter

Lauren Goebel
SR 160 Squat, SR 121 Bench, AR 289 Deadlift , SR 567 Total
Lauren’s state records are in Ohio, her home state.  Lauren also posted a master level Total and qualified for Worlds

Nicole Gonzalez
SR 330 Squat, SR 171 Bench, SR 375 Deadlift , SR 876 Total
Nikki Posted an International Elite Level Total and qualified for Worlds and She was the Overall Best Lifter

Heather Havenwood
SR 143 Squat, SR 99 Bench, SR 193 Deadlift, SR 435 Total

Rosalind Hicks
SR 154 Squat, SR 115 Bench , SR 248 Deadlift, SR 518 Total
Rosalinds records are Masters Records

Beckie Lough
160 Squat, SR 99 Bench, SR 231 Deadlift, Total 490.5

Judy McElroy
SR 330 Squat, 209 Bench, 408 Deadlift, 948 Total
Judy posted another International Elite Level Total

Dana “Sweetdee” Rygwelski
165 Squat, SR 137.8 Bench, 226 Deadlift, Total 529
SR 402 Squat, SR 187 Bench, SR 214 Deadlift, SR 804 Total
Dana’s Records are for Pennsylvania and she was the best overall lifter

Bonnie Thomas
SR 292 Squat, 148 Bench, SR 330 Deadlift , SR 760.5 Total
Bonnie Posted a Masters level Total