Tips for your next powerlifting meet

powerlift1The Texas State Championship Powerlifting Meet is coming up on Saturday, March 29 at the East Communities YMCA. During the event power lifters will test their strength, discipline, and dedication. Austin Simply Fit trainer and experienced power lifter Lance Olian created this list of ten tips for competitors gearing up for this or any other upcoming lifting event.

These tips apply to first time and experienced lifters.

1. Get plenty of sleep TWO nights before the meet. Chances are you’ll be anxious and excited the night before the meet an  won’t be able to sleep much so rest when you can.

2. Try to weigh-in as early as possible, ideally the day prior. After you make weight, spend the rest of the day EATING and HYDRATING!

3. Set out all your gear and equipment in your gym bag the night before the meet so you won’t have to worry about it the day of the competition.

4. Make a playlist of your favorite pump-up jams to listen to during warm-ups and in-between lifts. Don’t forget your headphones!

5. Don’t lift the week of the meet! Light stretching and movement is okay. If you get a massage, make sure it’s at least a few days before the meet.

6. Chances are you won’t have much of an appetite once competition begins, so make sure to wake up early enough to eat and digest a HUUUGE breakfast.

7. Don’t do anything the day of the meet that you haven’t already practiced in the gym. This is not the day to try new techniques!

8. Invite friends and family. A good support system will come in handy to cheer you on and make food runs!

9. Meet people. Powerlifting is a unique sport in that your competitors will actually cheer you on. Everybody wants everyone to succeed. No one wants a missed lift. It’s you versus the weight.

10. Show up to perform and be confident that your training has prepared you for the big day. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and get excited to hit PRs!

lance olian
About Lance: Lance is a strength coach at Austin Simply Fit. Having himself been previously weak, fat, and injured, he is motivated to help you reach your optimal health. Lance currently trains as a competitive powerlifter. Click here to read more about Lance.