ASF Quick Tip: Train Less, Eat More

Austin Simply Fit trainers are experienced and knowledgeable about exercise, strength training, nutrition, recovery and more. We’ve decided to share their expertise with everyone, and not just the lucky few they train. Each week we will feature a different trainer and share their thoughts on fitness, fun, food and more. We are kicking off Austin Simply Fit Quick Tips with trainer Lance Olian and these two tips he always tells his clients.

1. Eat Plenty Immediately After Your Workout 
Conventional wisdom prescribes breakfast as the most important meal of the day. While it remains important to break your post-sleep fast, the most important meal is the one directly following your workout. After intense training, your body has depleted its glycogen stores and has become catabolic (breaking down muscle). In order to enable your body to become anabolic (building muscle), make sure you are feeding your body with both protein and quick-digesting carbohydrates. A post-workout glass of chocolate milk is a great place to start!

2. Get More Out of Your Workout by Working Out Less
When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, more isn’t necessarily better. Numerous studies have shown multiple benefits of decreasing the duration, while increasing the intensity of your workout. As opposed to traditional 60 – 90 minute training sessions with rest between sets, aim for 30 minutes of non-stop, varied movement. The compact, more intense workouts will have a greater impact on improving your body’s metabolism.

lance olianAbout Lance: Lance is a strength coach at Austin Simply Fit. Having himself been previously weak, fat, and injured, he is motivated to help you reach your optimal health. Lance currently trains as a competitive powerlifter. Click here to read more about Lance.