ASF Trainers Among City’s Fittest

Fit TrainersAustin, Texas (JUNE 23, 2013) – The results from last Saturday’s Austin Fit Magazine FITtestare in and as predicted, team Austin Simply Fit proved to be among the fittest in the city.

The AFM FITtest is a community-wide event focused on shining a light on health and fitness for the masses while determining the ten fittest individuals in Austin. The event consists of a series of professionally designed fitness tests that measure strength, endurance, balance, speed, precision, agility, and power.

Krista Bergeron finished 3rd in her age group (Women 30s). Bergeron placed first in the Precision Throw and Mystery Test which required athletes to balance on an eight-foot-long 4×4 and jump over hurdles while holding PVC pipes filled with water. Bergeron proved her versatility as an athlete tackling 49 hurdles in one minute. Bergeron finished 9th overall.

“The fittest competition was a blast to participate in as a member of Austin fitness community and as an individual curious to find out where I fell in comparison,” Bergeron said. “I will definitely compete again and encourage others to as well.”

Meryl Carey finished 4th in her age group (Women 20s) placing 1st in the Pull Up Test after completing 19 pull ups. She also placed 2nd in both the 40-Yard Dash and Burpee Test. Carey finished 10th overall.

“The competition was fun, challenging, exhausting, and exciting,” Carey said. “I really enjoyed training with my teammates for months beforehand. It’s fun to set a goal and push toward them.”

Bonnie Thomas finished 12th in her age group (Women 20s) and placed 2nd in the Precision Throw. Lucas Orosco placed 44th in his age group (Men 20s) with the most success in the Burpee and Hand Grip Test.  Brian Bergeron finished 28th in his age group (Men 40s) proving his strength by surpassing the 200lb limit in the Hand Grip Test.

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