The sport of Strongman began back in the 19th century when athletes performed displays of raw functional strength by lifting stones, hauling refrigerators, pulling trucks, and pressing logs overhead.  What began in part as a circus act later evolved into a competitive sport. Today it is a sport for men and women with a wide range of ability levels. The equipment has advanced as well to help in learning the techniques.  Now, Austin Simply Fit has a class to help people of all athletic backgrounds and skill levels learn the equipment used in each event, and how to apply it to their everyday life.

Join Coach Eric every Saturday at 12pm at Austin Simply Fit’s Central Gym for a beginners-level Strength Sports group class. The class will teach the principles of loading, carrying, pushing, and pulling weights that will challenge both your strength and conditioning.

The equipment we will use in the class are:

  • Yoke
  • Sandbags
  • Farmer’s Carry Handles
  • Heavy Sledge Hammer
  • Loading Pin (Duck Walk and Single Arm Deadlift)
  • Weight Sled
  • Atlas Stones


With the equipment, participants will learn events like: Yoke walks, Zercher Carries, Carry-and-Drag Medleys, and Carrying-and-Loading. As the level of interest grows we will add disciplines like Log/Axel Presses, and plan events such as Truck Pulls(The human powered kind).

This is a community based class, the more the merrier and you do not have to be an ASF client or athlete to join us. Pricing: $10 for current clients, $20 for drop-in participants. For more information, please contact Coach EricYes, this class will soon be available at our South Lamar location. 

I have worked out with Mark for several years and have made huge improvements in my strength and agility.

– Andrew S.