At Austin Simply Fit, we believe that all clients can do more than they thought possible and improve their overall fitness through the principles of Strength and Conditioning. While many of our workouts and training strategies focus on building up weaknesses and overall strength, our Strength and Conditioning classes are uniquely designed for athletes of all levels to achieve more while becoming more deeply integrated in the Austin Simply Fit community.

Join any of our Strength and Conditioning classes to improve your speed, agility, and power by reinforcing motor patterns through a variety of exercises. No work out will be the same (unless you want it to, in which case just ask your trainer), and will leverage body weight movements, sleds, machines, barbells and more. Make no mistake about it, every workout will leave you empowered, knowing you did your best, and dripping in sweat.

For more information, contact Mark Rogers (

ASF Training and Performance Center (Leander):
Classes taught by Michael Dickens and Mark Rogers.
* Monday @ 4:30pm + 5:30pm
* Tuesday @ 4:30pm + 5:30pm
* Wednesday @4:30pm + 5:30pm
* Friday @ 4:30pm + 5:30pm

I had definitely hit a fitness plateau but ASF shook it up and I’m now achieving things i didn’t think possible.

– N.N.